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  • Participate in a Health Camp in Nepal (future dates TBD due to COVID-19)

    • Health Providers (MD/DO, PA, ​NP, RN, LPN, Pharmacist, Ultrasound Tech)

    • Other folks interested in helping with logistics


  • Engage with Colorado's Nepali and Bhutanese communities and city/state institutions that interact with those communities

    • Translate Nepali/English (sometimes for pay)

    • Provide insight into Nepali culture

    • Respond to ad hoc requests

  • Volunteer your services

    • Bookkeeper

    • Webmaster

    • Content Creator/Editor (website, Facebook page, shopping website)

    • Legal Advice

    • Social Media guru

    • Find sponsors for our charity 5K race & silent auction

    • Volunteer at 5K

    • Work at craft fairs

    • Participate in fundraising activities

    • Find donors for supplies/equipment for health camps

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