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Himalayan Smudge Stick

Himalayan Smudge Stick

SKU: WE-SS-7-Himal

A bundle of selected dried herbs gathered in Nepal and blended to promote purification and positive energies, approximately 7 inches long.  The smoke from the stick cleanses and clears away negativity, while sanctifying a place and invoking the divine to descend to this realm.


Smudge sticks traditionally smolder and are not meant to burn rapidly. They can be used before beginning meditation or undertaking any ritual or ceremony, and are a thoughtful benefaction for friends and family.


High Mountain Juniper purifies, and summons divine energies.  Rhododendron awakens the mind and pleases sacred energies.  Artemisia evokes visions, while Camphor dispels malevolent thoughts and spirits.  Lemongrass sweetens and brings clarity of perception.

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